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Infinity Full On: Reloaded Fight Night Videos

Author Paul Date 20th Apr 2015

Infinity Full On: Reloaded Fight Night VideosK.O. Clothing's sponsored show fight night videos are now live from the fantastic night of action in Yeovil brought to you by Infinity Martial Arts!

Infinity Full On: Reloaded was a hugely successful night, with some top fights taken place. All of the fighters put on a top notch night of full on action, and there were some specific fights of note with explosive finishes! Fight #13 Artur Saladiak from Poland destroyed Dan Curtain within the first minute of round one. Artur was also sporting our new Muay Thai shorts for the fight.

Featuring Our New Stock

In a few of the videos, you can see several fighters wearing our brand new fight wear shorts.

In Fight #14 you can see David Harris wearing our new Boxing shorts. David took this fight with just 3 days' notice. He also had to lose weight to take this fight and in such a short space of time still managed to put on an incredibly brave & solid performance.

In Fight #8 Brett Jacobs is wearing our new MMA shorts. Brett put on a fantastic performance and won with a 3rd round stoppage.

In Fight #1 young Liam Timmins was the first out in our brand new camo style Muay Thai shorts. Liam took this fight with only 2 days' notice, and had never fought K1 before. This was an incredibly close fight, but Paige Marsh was a worthy winner and there will be a rematch on Infinity Martial Arts next show, which will be on June 20th.

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