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Infinity Martial Arts Promotions Presents Infinity Full On: Fired Up - 20/06/2015

Below is the full fight card from Infinity Full On: Fired Up show on the 20th June 2015 Sponsored by K.O. Clothing.

The co-main even features K.O. Clothing's Artur Saladiak and fight #14 features K.O. Clothing's James 'Lightsout' Livsey.

Fight #16 - Main Event - Malid Salimi vs Darren Anstey

Fight #15 - Tomasz Czernicki vs Artur Saladiak

Fight #14 - Grant Mallinson vs James 'Lightsout' Livesey

Fight #13 - Jake Lawry vs Martin Kent

Fight #12 - Steve Shipway vs Lee Harris

Fight #11 - Ryan Cuff vs Shaun Brown

Fight #10 - Travis Cody vs Connor Wall

Fight #9 - Paige Marsh vs Liam Timmins

Fight #8 - Bartosz Kaminski vs Jack Cherry

Fight #7 - Roy Sowerby vs Kane Mallinson

Fight #6 - Ben Harris vs Mal Dye

Fight #5 - Tyler Rawlings vs Lee Wall

Fight #4 - John Pilgrim vs Jonny Hawkins

Fight #3 - Robert Moberg vs Barry Whitelock

Fight #2 - Chloe Nixon vs Chloe Elrick

Fight #1 - Daniel Maton vs Micky Moon

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