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Infinity Martial Arts Promotions Presents Infinity Full On: Reloaded - 28/02/2015

Below is the full fight card from Infinity Full On: Reloaded show on the 28th February 2015 Sponsored by K.O. Clothing.

Fight #14 features K.O. Clothing's brand new fight night boxing gloves, which is the first appearance of them. These are not yet on sale, but due to be ready in the next few months.

Fight #16 - Main Event - The Rematch - Darren Anstey vs Romelleo Da Silva

Fight #15 - Dawid Masel vs Mal Dye

Fight #14 - sponsored by K.O. Clothing - Dainius Becelis vs David Harris

Fight #13 - Artur Saladiak vs Dan Curtain

Fight #12 - James Porter vs Connor Wall

Fight #11 - Adam Filarowski vs Doug Harris

Fight #10 - Aadeep Rana vs Shah Mohammed

Fight #9 - Piotr Osiurak vs Tom Symes

Fight #8 - Jason Warne vs Brett Jacobs

Fight #7 - Raymond Nelmes vs Dave Paterson

Fight #6 - Jack Eglin vs Archie Connolly

Fight #5 - James Bentley vs Jonny Hawkins

Fight #4 - Otilia Leskovska vs Hannah Carey

Fight #3 - Billy Dean Nelmes vs Matthew Maton

Fight #2 - Jose Debarca vs Travis Clarke

Fight #1 - Paige Marsh vs Liam Timmins

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